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lighting installation & MAINTENANCE SERVICES



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Unique Lighting Services (ULS) focuses on providing Lighting Installations and ongoing Maintenance Services for all types of lighting systems. These include: Interior/Exterior, Signage, Specialty Lighting and Controls. 

With years of experience with lighting project installation; our electricians and technicians provide services for pre-existing systems or for retrofitted systems. Our service ensures that the appropriate light sources are used, and that the installed components are from a reputable source.


  • Scheduled preventative maintenance

  • On call maintenance

  • Signage repairs

  • Spot re-lamping

  • Fixture repairs

  • Group re-lamping

  • Fixture cleaning


  • Capabilities in upgrading and redesigning lighting systems, maximizing efficiency while minimizing capital expenditure

  • Committed to evolving and staying current with new lighting technologies

  • Knowledgeable team will bring innovative ideas to improve your lighting and energy performance

  • Detailed audits will enable clients to see the difference that improvements to their systems will make

  • Capable of complete lighting designs

what WE DO


  • Committed to providing reliable hazardous waste management by handling the safe disposal of a variety of materials - including recycling any lamp and ballast components containing hazardous materials.

  • We only use licensed approved recyclers. 


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ULS is completely dedicated to client satisfaction. All of our team members are highly knowledgeable, helping make us some of the most trusted contractors in the industry. We’ve come a long way since our founding in 1993, but the leading operating values behind our services, to work with integrity in order to provide high-quality services to our clients, remain unchanged.


Please get in touch with any inquiries. Be sure to include your contact information as well as any important details about your needs.

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