ULS' focus is to provide Lighting Maintenance Services for all types of lighting systems - interior/exterior, pole mounted, signage and speciality lighting, although what separates ULS from the rest, is our 20 years of experience with lighting projects; our technicians will replace like-for-like but will also consult our clients on energy efficient alternatives.

Proactive lighting maintenance lowers operational costs and eliminates the need to call technicians/electricians for spot re-lamps or ballast changes. Also, depending on the lamp/ballast manufacturer selected, ULS can perform warranty work – completely eliminating maintenance expenses during the warranty period.

Retrofits have large potential for reducing operational costs as new technologies continue to emerge and existing ones are constantly improving. Government incentives are also available to aid energy consumers in becoming more efficient, making it a great time to upgrade. Depending on existing lighting systems and deployment of lighting controls we can help clients realize savings of 40%-90%.